Italian Restaurant

Sugestion of the Day


Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E,
phosphorus, potassium and fibers.

Sugestões de consumo:

  • Cook chicken ravioli with green olives
  • Serve green olives as an appetizer


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Lupini Beans
Gordal Green Olive
Natural Cure Olives


Black Olive
Gourmet EN Lupini Beans
Our Gourmet variants of Lupine


With or without the beer, lupini beans are the ideal snack for when the hot weather comes. Low fat and rich in protein and fibre.

With eye-catching packaging, gourmet line products are carefully crafted for the most demanding audience.


Lupini Beans - Varieties:

Lupini Beans in Brine with Chili

Lupini Beans in Brine


Available packaging:

  • Jar Anphora: 580gr
  • Jar Cube: 280gr

SISAB 2014

Italian Restaurant

SISAB 2014: We were there again this year!

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